This is an automatic that is ready to install. It will control to flow water to plants and lawn. If interested please call
Triple stacker for large breeds 100. Three hole carrier 30. Cavy cage 30. Double cavy cage 40. 2 story chinchilla cage 40. Large breed nest boxes 10 each. Other cages available. .
Here is the finest quality commercial no tip sprinkler base with new VYR-70 the longest throwing sprinkler you can get with a standard garden hose. The sprinkler base is schedule 40 black pipe steel the connections are all brass. Guaranteed to last you for years. Assembled here in the Santa Ynez Valley and distributed world wide.
New in box chainsaw unbranded. Paid $125 on eBay. Seller sent me the wrong one. These actually not too bad of a saw for the price. I needed a bigger engine this is the only reason Im getting rid of it. Contact me at 3one zero 2 two six9. Thanks $100
This is an older model blower back when yard equipment was manufactured to last. I installed a complete ignition system, carburetor, fuel line, plug, piston, air filter. Runs great I vested $240 in parts but since Im not using it and have another blower like it I feel its time to sell it. My loss your gain $100. Contact me at 3one zero 2 two six9. Thanks
One LARGE cage or two medium. Large cage measures 10 ft, 4 inches wide. Plenty of room to run. Can be converted into two cages. Used to hold rabbits, chickens, or other outdoor petsfarm friends. Slanted plywood roof can be removed. Top, sides, and bottom are covered with 12 wire. Outside left right walls have added plywood for protection. Left side flooring is soft wood, right side is wire. Two...